Recreational Ice Rinks And Borders

Recreational Ice Rinks And Borders

A mobile, artificial ice rink a basic version includes

•ready-made systemic refrigerating piping in any technology,

•protective borders,

•a compact cooling device – a refrigerating unit

•glycol for filling in the piping along with containers and pump,

•thermal insulation of the ground for an ice rink

A seasonal, mobile ice rink is intended for both leisure activities and organisation of other environmental events. The size of an ice rink can be custom-made and depends only on the Investor’s needs.

An example description of technical solutions for a mobile ice rink with 600 m2 – 800 m2 surface

  • artificially refrigerated, dismountable panel for the use in winter period with example surface of 600 m2 – 800 m2
  • average number of simultaneous facility users – 80-100 persons 
  • number of ice rink operating hours – 14 hours/day
  • ice rink operating season – winter period at external air temperature in the range up to e.g. +10°C or +15°C and small wind velocity.
  • ice rink refrigerating system includes: modular refrigerating unit which generates coolant with parameters -8°C /-11°C or -9°C/-12°C, coolant collectors and piping, ice rink coil pipe with operating fluid in the system.

For each ice rink, depending on its size and local conditions, we individually select a refrigerating unit, specifying the requirements both in the scope of power and power supply security. 

For recreational ice rinks, we propose, e.g. borders with a load-bearing structure made of aluminium profiles to which a white PEHD slab is mounted. The border finishing constitutes of rail elements, so-called railing and a root strip. Railing is made in blue or red and a root strip (height 20 cm) is yellow. Each module is available in dimensions of width 2 m and height 1.0-1.2 m; a standard arch radius is 4-5m. Entrance and exit gates wide 0.9 m as well as entrance gate for an ice resurfacer. Borders are delivered as ready-made modules so their installation is fast and efficient. An additional advantage of this type of borders is their small weight in relation to e.g. borders with a steel construction, as well as flexibility and universality due to the possibility to mount them with the use of a mounting panel to be frozen in at permanent and mobile ice rinks.


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