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Our specialty is ice rink construction.
We perform investments both for high-performance and recreational sport.  Ice rink equipment is also our domain.

We construct ice rinks in city centres, at hotels, winter sports centres, shopping malls, in any sites, both mobile and permanent, recreational and for high-performance sports (ice tracks for fast skating, hockey ice rinks). We also construct facilities 2 in 1, that is a sports ground with an ice rink, as well as 3 in 1, that is a sports ground with an ice rink and function of a solar device for heating up e.g. swimming pool water or water of social area.

The technology used by our company allows for creation of good quality ice at the outside temperature in the range between + 10 °C and + 15 °C in case of recreational ice rinks and up to +35 °C in case of professional ice rinks.
In ice rinks we use a indirect cooling device which is a compact refrigerating engine room, popularly known as a refrigerating unit.

The total structure is completed with recreational or hockey borders. We also deliver machines for smoothing and maintenance of ice,      so-called ice resurfacers, depending on a facility function.