Sports ground ice rink with EPDM panel

Sports ground ice rink with EPDM panel
Sports ground ice rink with EPDM panel
Sports ground ice rink with EPDM panel

The proposal includes the variant of a construction of an all-year facility with a function of a play ground and ice rink on a permeable foundation.

The proposed “UNI ICE” panel is permeable for water, made on the basis of EPDM granulates bound with elastic polyurethane resin with an in-built refrigerating system. The total is performed on a foundation made of crushed stone aggregate.

The following sports can be played in the summer season on the proposed panel: volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball, football, badminton, etc.

“UNI ICE” is an innovative technological solutions in the field of construction of sports-recreational facilities – it is an external panel used all-year-round in all climate zones as a modern power supply solution.

“UNI ICE” is an artificial cast panel on the basis of a mix of EPDM granulate and EPDM mats. The panel is characteristic of comfort elasticity which increases the comfort of use and eliminates the possibility of injury. Colours of particular facility panels are chosen according to the Investor’s requests.

The proposed solution can have an additional function of heat recovery from the panel in the summer season. The panel additionally allows for absorption of solar heat and its use for heating up e.g. swimming pool water or other infrastructure.

The panel is characteristic of:
• Ease of maintenance
• Resistance to UV radiation
• Comfort of use,
• Layered installation method on an earlier prepared site.