Recreational-sports facilities

Our proposal comprises the construction of a sports ground facility with an ice rink function with different panels. The advantage of this solution, in comparison to mobile ice rinks, is the avoidance of seasonal assembly and dissemble of an ice rink which is connected with avoidance of costs, potential system failure at assembly and disassembly as well as no need for storing space as only borders are stored. The sports ground can be then used immediately upon melting the ice panel.

Sports ground ice rink with EPDM panel

The proposed “UNI ICE” panel is permeable for water, made on the basis of EPDM granulates bound with elastic polyurethane resin with an in-built refrigerating system. 

Sports ground ice rink with polypropylene panel

Polypropylene multi-sports panel with an ice rink function is laid on the permeable layer with an in-built refrigerating system.