Ice resurfacer

Machines for smoothing and maintenance of ice rink panel, professional and recreational sports.
Machines of this type are used on sports ice rinks where high sports performance is practiced in:
ice hockey, figure skating, ice tracks, on covered and outdoor facilities as well as on recreational ice rinks of various sizes.


The isothermal floor

Is used at ice rink facilities in order to obtain multi-functionality of the facility in the artificial ice rink refrigerating period.

All you need

Result boards for recreational and high-performance sports and advert borders, Devices for learning how to skate, Hockey and inline hokey goals
Protective nets for hockey, Skate sharpener, Cutter for removal of ice at a border with an electric drive, Cutter for removal of ice at a border with a diesel drive Shoe driers. We offer energy-saving lighting meeting the technical parameters for lighting all disciplines of hall sports.