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Our specialty is ice rink construction. We perform investments both for high-performance and recreational sport. Ice rink equipment is also our domain.

We construct ice rinks in city centres, at hotels, winter sports centres, shopping malls, in any sites, both mobile and permanent, recreational and for high-performance sports (ice tracks for fast skating, hockey ice rinks). We also construct facilities 2 in 1, that is a sports ground with an ice rink, as well as 3 in 1, that is a sports ground with an ice rink and function of a solar device for heating up e.g. swimming pool water or water of social area.

The technology used by our company allows for creation of good quality ice at the outside temperature in the range between + 10 °C and + 15 °C in case of recreational ice rinks and up to +35 °C in case of professional ice rinks.

In ice rinks we use a indirect cooling device which is a compact refrigerating engine room, popularly known as a refrigerating unit. The total structure is completed with recreational or hockey borders. We also deliver machines for smoothing and maintenance of ice, so-called ice resurfacers, depending on a facility function.

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Tailored solutions

We offer custom ice rink solutions tailored to your needs.

We undertake projects for both professional sports and recreational use, as well as adapt to specific requirements regarding the location and functionality of the facility. For multi-functional facilities, we offer the construction of ice rinks combined with a sports field or solar heating system, which enables enjoying winter sports and using summer amenities in one place. We also provide the delivery and installation of necessary equipment, such as recreational or hockey boards, aggregates, and specialized machines for ice maintenance and conservation.

Our Partners

We invite you to watch our videos showcasing the ice rinks we have built. Our specialty is constructing ice rinks for both competitive sports and recreational purposes. With our experience and modern technology, we are able to create high-quality ice rinks even in extreme air temperatures. The videos feature various types of ice rinks, from recreational to professional, as well as multi-functional facilities that we have built, such as ice rinks with sports fields. We also offer equipment for ice rinks, including recreational or hockey boards, cooling units, and ice maintenance machines. The videos demonstrate how we build different types of ice rinks tailored to the client’s needs, while accommodating specific requirements regarding the location and functionality of the facility. Our ice rinks are the perfect solution for city centers, hotels, winter sports resorts, shopping malls, and any other location. If you are interested in building custom ice rinks, we invite you to watch our videos showcasing our completed projects.

Writing about us

We are proud that our articles are featured in the largest industry magazines, such as 'Boiska i Stadiony’ and 'Budownictwo Sportowe.’ The published articles showcase our innovative solutions and modern technologies, which we apply in the design and construction of sports facilities. With our experience and knowledge gained through years of work in the industry, we are able to offer our clients solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Our company has earned the trust of many clients, allowing us to undertake increasingly larger and more demanding projects. In our articles, we focus on presenting our latest projects and innovative solutions, such as 2-in-1 ice rink and sports field systems, hockey rinks and boards, recreational ice rinks, and multi-sport surface fields. Our articles show that Gamak is a company that is constantly evolving and introducing new solutions to meet the demands of the market. Thanks to our commitment and high-quality solutions, Gamak has gained a reputation as a prestigious and reliable business partner in the sports construction industry. We encourage you to read our articles to get to know our company and our approach to designing and building sports facilities.



If you are interested in building an ice rink, we invite you to get in touch with us. As an experienced company specializing in this field, we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you in realizing your project. You can contact us via email or, if you prefer to speak in person, call our phone number. Our specialists will gladly provide you with all the information regarding the design, construction, and equipment of ice rinks, as well as advise you on choosing the appropriate solution for your specific case. Gamak is a company that enjoys recognition in the industry thanks to its professional approach and experience in building ice rinks. Trust us and realize your project with us!


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