Hockey Ice Rinks And Borders

Hockey Ice Rinks And Borders

We perform piping systems for professional ice rinks in concrete slab and mobile equipped with the refrigerating system and hockey bands under the provisions of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)): for an ice rinks 30 m x 60 m

Technical parameters:

Ice panel 60 x 30 [m]

Rounding radius: 8.5 [m]

Border height: according to current regulations IIHF

Gates wide 1000 mm 

Ice resurfacer gate 3400 mm 

Border length: 166 [mb] 

Border type. Protective, secure hockey band  produced according to the regulations for hockey games.

A border directly embedded in smooth, even concrete, ease to be disassembled. 

A border component are, e.g. contestant and staff boxes with equipment, glazing, hockey goals, protective nets, covering advertisements on boarders.

The film presents the system of deploying the hockey borders of the ice rink.



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